Ceylon Tea

Ceylon tea is a tea that comes imported from . It gets its name from the fact that Sri Lanka used to be called Ceylon and used to be the world's top importer of fine teas. Originally the main crop of Ceylon was coffee. This continued until the famed coffee blight, where upon British settlers to Ceylon brought a tea plant from China to see if it would grow in Ceylon soil. It thrived and tea plantations were born. When some of the settlers sent shipments back home to Britain, their tea was a big hit among the British natives. Thus Ceylon tea was born.

Ceylon tea, like any other tea comes in a variety of types and flavors. The main specialty of Ceylon tea is Ceylon black. It is made by an oxidation process and is famous for its citrusy flavor, which makes it unique from other black teas.

Another fairly common choice of Ceylon tea is the Ceylon green tea. The Ceylon green tea is generally more pungent than other teas and has a distinct nutty taste to it. This particular one is darker and richer in flavor than the green teas commonly found in China and the Middle East.

Another good Ceylon tea is Ceylon white tea. This is made from the very young buds off of the tea plants. They are silvery white, which is how this tea got its name. The prices of Ceylon white tea are higher than the prices of other teas because it is rare and more delicate in flavor than other teas.

This particular tea has a very unique history. It is said that this tea was grown specifically for the Chinese emperor and was never ever touched by human hands. Instead of plucking the leaves when time for harvest, the leaves were cut with golden scissors onto a golden plate by virgins. Interesting? I certainly thought so. In the present day, these leaves are harvested by hand, but instead of firing like the other teas, the leaves are rolled by hand and put out in the sun to dry.

Because of the high levels of antioxidants in Ceylon tea, there are many benefits to drinking it. Antioxidants are nutrients that come from foods to slow and even prevent damage to our bodies. When your body's cells use oxygen, by-products are formed which cause damage such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer. These by-products are actually electrons which are no longer attached to atoms, and they go racing through your body, causing quite a bit of damage along the way. Antioxidants attack these electrons and isolate them so that they cannot harm other body cells. They also help build the immune system which in turn can lower risks of cancer and infection. It is also said to help slow the aging process and prevent age-induced diseases.

It has been found that people who drink four to five cups of tea a day have greatly improved blood circulation. If you add to the tea, a diet high in soy, black tea has been found to inhibit angiogenesis, a process in which cancerous tumors grow blood vessels to stay alive. So sit back and relax. Enjoy your favorite cup of Ceylon tea, whether it is black, green, or white. Not only will your mental state be soothed, but your body will benefit too.

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