White Tea Benefits

White tea is the same thing as all of the other types of tea. The difference is that it is made from the buds and young leaves from the Camellia sinensis. These leaves are usually covered with silvery white fuzz. White tea is not processed like other teas are, and this is what makes it different.

All other kinds of tea require the leaves to be oxidized whereas there is no oxidation process in the making of white tea. Benefits of White tea has been found to contain more anti viral and anti bacterial qualities than the other teas. The benefits of white tea are thought to be because the leaves are not processed. Instead of drying the leaves out, they are steamed. Because of this minimal processing, the white tea is higher in antioxidants than other types of tea.

Antioxidants are nutrients that come from foods to slow and even prevent damage to our bodies. When your body's cells use oxygen, by-products are formed which cause damage such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer. These by-products are actually electrons which are no longer attached to atoms, and they go racing through your body, causing quite a bit of damage along the way. Antioxidants attack these electrons and isolate them so that they cannot harm other body cells. The benefits of white tea have also been known to help build the immune system which in turn can lower risks of cancer and infection. Because white tea is rare, it is more expensive than the other teas.

One of the benefits of white tea is that it contains less caffeine than other teas, like green tea for example. It has also been shown that white tea has more cancer fighting antioxidants than any other tea. It has been found to work just as well as prescription drugs for fighting cancer. It just does not have the side effects that the drugs do.

A benefit of white tea also helps to boost the immune system so your body can fight off viruses and dangerous bacteria. It also contains fluoride which helps in preventing tooth decay. White tea promotes strong and healthy blood vessels which in turn lowers blood pressure and improves artery health. White tea is also notorious for helping to lower a person's cholesterol levels. White tea drinkers have higher bone density which can help to lower arthritis and osteoporosis rates. It promotes healthy and radiant skin by protecting it from the sun and repairing what damage is done to the skin. There are studies to prove if drinking white tea increases a person's metabolism.

White tea also contains theanine which has show to have mood enhancing properties and is good for relaxation. As with any of the many teas available there is a wide variety of type of white tea out there. If you go to any health food store you will be able to find many grades of tea. As long as it is prepared properly it does not have a bitter taste to it.

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