Oolong Tea Benefits

For thousands of year’s people in China, Japan, India, and Thailand have used a wide variety of teas for its medicinal purposes. They use it to treat everything from headaches to regulating blood sugar, temperature, and healing wounds. The benefits of Oolong tea is even thought to promote digestion. Oolong tea is simply another version of tea made from the leaves of Camellia sinensis. Shortly after the leaves are picked, they are laid out in the sun to dry. Then they are put into baskets and shaken to bruise them. Then they are left to dry again. Finally, they are fired in hot woks and cooked quickly. At the end of this process, the leaves are crisp and dry. The leaves are then steamed with open blooms of night blooming jasmine. This is so that the leaves take in the scent of the jasmine. This process takes a couple of nights to complete. There are many varieties of Oolong tea it just depends on how it is prepared and a person’s individual taste on which kind they will drink.

Yes, Benefits of oolong tea is beneficial in a person's health. It is not proven to help a person lose weight. The Wu long diets are just a gimmick. The antioxidants in the tea help stimulate the body and help to prevent certain diseases. Antioxidants are nutrients that come from foods to slow and even prevent damage to our bodies. When your body's cells use oxygen, by-products are formed which cause damage such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer. These by-products are actually electrons which are no longer attached to atoms, and they go racing through your body, causing quite a bit of damage along the way.

Antioxidants attack these electrons and isolate them so that they cannot harm other body cells. They also help to build a person’s immune system which in turn can lower risks of cancer and infection. It is also said the benefits of Oolong tea helps to slow the aging process and prevent age-induced diseases. Drinking tea will certainly help a person to stop drinking sodas and sugary drinks; and this in turn will help with weight loss. But all by itself, tea will not instigate weight loss. Oolong tea can be used as a diuretic and a laxative, thereby cleaning out the digestive track. Some of the specific benefits of using oolong tea are a stronger immune system, stronger teeth, and younger, more radiant looking skin.

As with black tea, oolong tea has many different variations. Some are darker than others. Dragon Pearls is one variety that is where the leaves are rolled into tiny sweet smelling balls. When water is added, the “pearls” unravel. Oolong teas can be used multiple times. It is said that they do not reach their full potential until after the third use. Interesting, seeing as most people use their tea bags one time and never think to reuse them. Perhaps the next time you make yourself a cup of tea you will be tempted to try something a little different and pick up a package of Oolong tea from the store and see if it is something you could enjoy.

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