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Black tea benefits our health and well being more than we are aware of. As you drink your cup of tea it is probably very seldom that you think about the benefits of Black tea and how you actually benefit by consuming this unusual beverage. Evidence suggests that even though green tea is the current rage in tea trends, drinking Black tea benefits your health just as much.

During Tea Production Black Tea is processed further that Green tea and the leaves are dried and fermented further and even though through the processing of the leaves, Black tea loses some antioxidants, significant amounts still remain giving us some of the benefits of Black tea.

The benefits of Black tea can be witnessed by its ability to build the immune system which in turn can lower risks of cancer and infection. Further, Black tea benefits the aging process helping to slow aging and prevent age induced diseases. In fact recently leading medical journals have stated that Black tea may be an elixir for many diseases. A spokesperson from the American Health Foundation has purportedly stated that Tea is beating all scientific expectations as the most potent health beverage seen.

Recent studies have been conducted to show how drinking three to four cups of Black tea benefits the health of 66 male subjects. It was shown through these test subjects that Black tea benefits the drinker by reducing cholesterol levels thus reducing the risk of stroke and heart disease. Those that drank four or more cups of Black tea benefited more than those who drank two or three cups.

The benefits of Black tea has also been seen to reduce the stress related hormone Cortisol in the body, so Black tea benefits those seeking a stress free lifestyle. This in today's high-paced, hectic life can prove to be an extremely powerful preventative of other stress related illnesses. There is good news for Diabetics too, Black tea benefits those who partake in its rich flavor. It is said that Black tea mimics the effects of insulin in the body thus helping to control diabetic tendencies.

Black tea benefits among other diseases people who have Parkinson's disease. Parkinson's disease is a degenerative disorder that disrupts movement and balance. Drinking Black tea has been found to minimize the effects of this disease. Black tea benefits not only those who already have this disease but also reduces the risk of developing Parkinson's by almost 71%. For those who have a genetic inheritance of Parkinson's, this is wonderful news. Black tea is the only tea that has proven to reduce the risks of Parkinson's.

As we have examined above Black tea benefits the sufferers of many different diseases and also plays an active role in prevention of a number of illnesses. Be it Heart Disease, Cancer, Immunity, Parkinson's, Arthritis, Cholesterol, Stress or just plain weight loss Black tea benefits anyone who is prepared to include the making and drinking of this beverage into their daily routine.

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Silver Tips

  • What is Choppy Tea? During tea grading if a tea can not be graded accurately into a whole leaf, broken leaf or dust as it contains a variety of leaf sizes the tea will be additionally labeled as "Choppy".

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