Tea Trends

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Tea is one of the hottest new things. It is very much up on the trendsetter scales. Tea trends are becoming more and more obvious in society especially among younger people. Some of the most recent in tea trends is using tea as a topping or as an ingredient in every day favorite foods and drinks. Tea is even popular in the bars; it is being mixed into many different drinks. Green tea ice cream is also a new trend when it comes to food.

Another tea trend is that of serving loose leaf tea rather than the standard tea bags. Many restaurants and individuals are looking into purchasing loose leaf tea for brewing. Many times, loose leaf tea will unfold once submerged in water and produce a very pleasing aesthetic sight. Few people know this. However, as more people are hearing about it, it has become quite the rage.

Other tea trends include the introduction of flavored, scented, and herbal teas. Go to the grocery store to buy tea, and now you must search through shelf after shelf of different teas. Various flowers, herbs, and even fruits are becoming more and more popular among tea drinkers. Young people and teenagers are now drinking more tea products than soda or sugar products.

Green tea is another one of many tea trends. Green tea is drunk for the obvious health benefits that it possesses. It is also a very popular cold drink. It tastes great and is really great and beneficial for good health. There are many different types of green tea and many ways to enjoy it.

Ice tea is another popular tea trend. Ice tea can be enjoyed in many flavors. This is an excellent way for tea drinkers to enjoy a nice cool drink on a hot summer day. These are available in powder forms, as well as premade bottled versions or tea bags and of course there are many ice tea recipes available to make your own fresh variety.

Another tea trend involves the sweeteners that are used. For many years, milk was very popular. Now, with all of the different types of teas, milk is no longer a staple add in. Stevia, raw sugar and honey are more popular as natural sweeteners for the various teas. Some of the flavored and scented teas have no need for sweeteners to be added.

With the changing society of today's world, tea trends are constantly changing. They are also very different in different parts of the world. Bubble tea is a tea trend on the west coast. This type of tea has tapioca pearls in it, which look like little bubbles. This is how bubble tea gets its name. Other tea trends include using tea for preparing various recipes. Many chefs will experiment with adding tea to popular dishes to improve the flavors. Tea houses and tea shops are also becoming more and more popular. This is comparable to the rise in coffee shops. Tea shops and tea houses are another one of many tea trends apparent in many cultures.

However tea trends come about, it is increasingly becoming one of the hottest things out there. So logic tells us to jump on the bandwagon and join in on the tea trends.

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