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The Polyphenol Effect

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Of the different varieties of teas to be found, you will find that they all contain various health benefits. And of these benefits, the different Green tea health benefits are quite substantial. Some of these Green tea health benefits include, but are not limited to, weight loss, low rate of heart disease, inhibiting the growth of cancer, and inhibiting abnormal blood clots.

The main reason why there are so many Green tea health benefits is due to the way the tea is initially made, because the preparation of the tea leaves releases certain chemicals that are beneficial to the body. Unlike Black tea and Oolong tea, to get the right Green tea health benefits, the harvested leaves are steamed to prevent the leaves from becoming oxidized. This steaming process ensures that the catechin polyphenols which are in the tea leaves don't become fermented.

Of these catechins the one that is called epigallocatechin 3 gallate (EGCG), is known to be a powerful antioxidant. By drinking quality, properly prepared Green tea health benefits will be reaped almost from the beginning since anti-oxidation has been known to prevent cancer cells from forming. The EGCG catechins kills these cancer forming cells while taking care not to harm the healthy cells in your body.

Additionally, you will find that another facet of the many Green tea health benefits is that your LDL cholesterol levels also become reduced. This reduction in cholesterol will prevent the formation of abnormal blood clots. And one of the great Green tea health benefits you will get from the prevention of abnormal blood clots is the absence of Thrombosis (which leads to strokes and heart attacks).

For people who are trying to lose weight one of the many Green tea health benefits comes in the form of your body burning the stored fatty deposits. You will find that even taking Green tea extract works to a degree because the extraction process does not destroy the amounts of EGCG in the Green tea.

Of course these are not the only Green tea health benefits to be found. The EGCG catechins in Green tea are also good at keeping your body from succumbing to a variety of heart related diseases. There are many studies which link Green tea health benefits to that of the power of the antioxidant EGCG.

The main fact you will notice is that the more Green tea health benefits you can get, the better your quality of life. When you drink Green tea you are helping your body to prevent various illnesses, disease and other health related problems. The prevention of cancer, loss of excess weight, the prevention of Thrombosis, heart attacks, strokes, dementia, and the lowering of cholesterol levels have all been documented as being part of the many Green tea health benefits that you can get. In fact when you drink a cup of Green tea not only are you enjoying a delicious drink but you are also allowing your body to flush out certain toxins and other harmful chemicals at the same time.

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