Oolong Tea Benefits

Image of oolong tea, with heart depicting the benefits

Tea has long been an accepted beverage in China, just as it has been widely accepted that there are many benefits to be had when drinking tea. This holds true for most types of tea, including Oolong tea. Over time when drinking Oolong tea benefits that you would never have even thought about will come to the fore.

Oolong tea benefits are many and varied depending on whom you listen to. Some people would like to claim that Oolong tea has the ability to do just about anything. This however, is not the case. Although Oolong tea benefits are many and it can do a lot to help boost your health, there are some benefits which it has been credited with which it simply does not do.

Outlined below though, are a few of the more reliable Oolong tea benefits;

  • » it boosts the immune system as well as your metabolism
  • » it has antiviral as well as antibacterial properties
  • » it has also been known to aid in the relief of ;
    • » » diabetes
    • » » eczema
    • » » allergies
  • » it has known weight-loss benefits
  • » it has also been said that Oolong tea benefits may include the prevention of cancer.

Other lesser known Oolong tea benefits include,

  • » the reduction of cholesterol in the blood-stream
  • » the reduction of heart problems
  • » the use in the treatment of digestive disorders
  • » known to help fight against tooth decay
  • » and can also help promote healthier bones

In the fight against weight loss, the many Oolong tea benefits will win out against Green tea, simply because it burns 157% more fat than Green tea does.

The main thing that you need to realize is that Oolong tea benefits everyone who drinks it, so go and grab a cup now!

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Silver Tips

  • Gyokuro, or Jade Dew tea takes its name from the delicate green color of the tea infusion. It is also only drunk in small amounts at any given time (due most likely to its higher caffeine concentration).
  • The best Japanese TeaYou will also be interested to note that some of the best Japanese tea is said to come from Kyoto in the Uji region and the Yame region of the Fukuoka prefecture.

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