Chamomile Tea

Image of Chamomile Tea with Chamomile flowers

Chamomile Tea has a smell that resembles apples and the word is Greek and actually means ground apples. The taste is considered very rich, has a golden color and is known as a delectable flavor. Chamomile is used as both a beverage and as an incense. Chamomile as we know it is produced from the flower blossoms of the plant. Chamomile is grown all around the world. There are a few varieties of Chamomile Tea. One is derived from the Roman Chamomile that is named from the discovery by a botanist in the Roman Coliseum instead of the time era. Chamomile Tea comes from the Chamomile bush which is peppered with beautiful white daisy-like flowers.

While Chamomile Tea has been around for centuries, it was made famous by the popular book Peter Rabbit, where this fruity tasting tea was served at bed time. Ancient Egyptians believed that Chamomile was a sacred herb associated with the sun god but served Chamomile Tea to treat ailments. Besides drinking this delightful drink, it is also known for the vapors it puts off after hot water is added. The vapors is believed to have just as many medicinal properties as the tea itself.

Some of the health benefits of Chamomile Tea include benefits to vital organs such as the spleen and kidneys, relieves toothache pain, skin irritations and bladder troubles. It is said that Chamomile Tea may help to alleviate the symptoms of the common cold, improve bronchitis, reduce stress and aid in relaxation. It may also be used as a sleep aid. Additionally, it is known to improve digestion and relieve an upset stomach. Notably, and quite unique, Chamomile Tea is used by women to help regulate their menstrual periods. Many believe Chamomile Tea to be a cure all and a plethora of other health benefits may be derived from drinking this soothing beverage. Chamomile is a member of the ragweed family, so those allergic to such plants should not consume Chamomile Tea.

There are a few facts that aren't widely known about the Chamomile plant used to make Chamomile Tea. First, Chamomile was used to embalm the dead in ancient times. Additionally, German Chamomile has been used in the production of beer and is indigenous to Western Asia. Lastly, Chamomile Tea is one of the few herbal supplements that have been tested and research has concluded that it does hold beneficial health properties.

Chamomile has a light blue oil that is low in toxicity making Chamomile Tea safe for children consumption. This is a tea that arouses all the senses; sight, smell and taste, therefore making it a world favorite. From the smell of apples to the delectable taste and the beneficial health properties it may have, adults and children all over the world enjoy Chamomile Tea in both children's literature and real life. Chamomile Tea really is an excellent gift from nature.

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