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Originally coming to the world from China, Green tea is a popular beverage due to many factors, one of which is said to be the fact that it aids in weight-loss. Yes, weight loss. (The appeal of Green tea to the masses now becomes apparent!)

If you didn't already know, Green tea comes from the same tea plant that gives us Black tea - the Camellia Sinensis plant. The difference in the tea comes then not from the tea plant itself but from the preparation method. To put it shortly, Black tea undergoes a fermenting process while Green tea does not.

Green tea is instead withered (air-dried) and then either steamed or pan-fried to get its unique flavor. The tea is then rolled gently and heated once to lock in its flavors. Of the four different tea varieties available, (Black, Green, White, and Oolong) the Green tea and White tea varieties receive the least amount of processing.

Although not a beverage that appeals to some people due to its slightly green, or "grassy", flavor, it cannot be denied that more and more people are finding that Green tea is an acceptable replacement for their normal cup of Black tea, and in some cases even for their coffee!

If you are not used to taking your tea without additives of any kind, you might find that drinking Green tea is a bit of a hardship, especially to begin with. However, adding a little light flavoring in the form of a slice of lemon, or sugar, or even a dabble of honey, can help you begin to appreciate the unique flavor of Green tea.

It might also be of interest to note that some of the very best Green tea varieties are grown in Japan. In fact you might be surprised to learn that Japanese tea is none other than Green tea itself!

Another interesting thing to note is that Green Tea ice cream is also a highly popular version of this beverage in Japan, although it is only recently finding its way to the Western world.

With enticing names like Jade Dew Green tea from Japan (one of the higher graded Green tea varieties), and Monkey tea and Fire Green tea from China it is no wonder that Green tea quickly gained appeal with the masses over and above the reasons of health and weight loss benefits found in Green tea.

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Silver Tips

  • What is Choppy Tea? During tea grading if a tea can not be graded accurately into a whole leaf, broken leaf or dust as it contains a variety of leaf sizes the tea will be additionally labeled as "Choppy".

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