White Tea Benefits

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White tea (or Silver Tips) is gram per gram one of the most expensive types of tea on the market. Besides the extreme care that goes into white tea production, White Tea Benefits ones health in a multitude of ways and is probably one of the healthier types of tea.

Essentially the same as other types of tea with the difference that it is made from the buds and young leaves of the tea plant (Camellia sinensis), White tea is different in that it is not processed like other teas are, and it is thought that this is why White Tea benefits its drinkers in so many different ways. The Benefits of White tea are thought to be because the leaves are not processed. Instead of drying the leaves out, they are steamed dry. This minimal processing produces a White tea that is higher in antioxidants than other types of tea.

Additionally White tea benefits those of us who are feeling a little under the weather as White tea has been found to contain more anti viral and anti bacterial qualities than the other types of tea. And the benefits of White tea have even been shown to assist our bodies build strong and resilient immune systems.

Cancer also seems to be affected by the white tea benefits mentioned above. Specifically a stronger more resilient immune system lowers the risk of cancer and associated infections and the antioxidants found in white tea benefits specifically the fight against cancer. In White tea these antioxidants are more abundant than in any other type of tea. In fact White tea has been found in some studies to work just as well as prescription drugs for fighting cancer. Without any of the side effects associated with drugs.

Caffeine is also a major concern for the majority of us. And while all types of tea in general contain low caffeine one of the ways that White tea benefits us more, is that it contains less caffeine than other teas. Green Tea for example contains more caffeine than White tea.

The benefits of White tea are numerous. White tea benefits, for example your teeth as it contains fluoride which we all know helps prevent tooth decay. The benefits of White tea also extend to your blood vessels, your bones and your cholesterol!

White tea benefits and promotes strong and healthy blood vessels which in turn lowers blood pressure and improves artery health whilst at the same time helping to lower cholesterol levels. Along these same lines White tea benefits the bone density of its drinkers and with this can help to lower arthritis and osteoporosis rates.

White tea benefits us on the outside by promoting healthy and radiant skin and protecting it from the sun and repairing damage caused as a result of sun exposure.

We can go on and on about how White tea benefits your general well being and targets specific problem areas, and I think by now you have a good idea of just how good White tea is! But before we close this topic two last points for you to ponder... White tea benefits you by both increasing metabolism (assisting your dieting program), but at the same time White tea benefits us by also containing Theanine, which has been shown to have mood enhancing properties and is good for relaxation!

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Silver Tips

  • The Silver Needle White tea is harvested only during a two day period in early Spring!

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