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We may take Organic Black Tea for granted but to have a truly organic estate is time consuming and includes rigorous inspections. Tea is a delicate plant therefore most is cultivated by hand. Tea leaves are delicate and gentle hands are required. Add that to a completely naturally crop, free of pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers and you can see why tea is taken so seriously in some countries. Tea lovers all over the globe have been enjoying the taste of Black Tea forever, and now they have an option to enjoy it in a healthy, safe and environmentally friendly variety.

Organic Black Tea has a more rich and deep flavor than any other organic tea. Additionally, the caffeine concentrations are generally higher. While black tea, green tea, white tea and oolong tea all come from the same plant; each is processed differently and is harvested at different stages of growth in order to get several different products from the same plant. Additionally, green, oolong and white tea is separated by the fermentation and oxidation process that organic black tea under goes. You can flavor your organic black tea any way you wish, but the more popular choices include milk, cream, honey, sugar and lemon.

Organic black tea comes in several different grades just as any other tea. The larger the leaf, the better the grade. The small residuals of the tea plant are called fannings. Organic black tea is available in many grades from loose-leaf, which is the best grade, to the bagged teas that you will find at your local grocer. The bag plays a part in the final taste of your organic black tea. Tea leaves need room to expand in order to fully brew at maximum capacity. The smaller the bag, the less room the leaf has therefore decreasing the quality of your organic black tea. Finer specialty shops have bags available for finer grades of organic black tea that will afford you both quality and convenience.

Purchasing organic black tea is more than just a better tasting, better quality product. Since there aren't any fertilizers used in organic black tea crops, the water and soil is better preserved. The harmful chemicals that are used in non-organic estates can damage land use, contaminate local waterways and poison our eco system. While most will purchase organic black tea for their own benefit, it is important to remember that buying organic helps to better our environment.

Organic black tea is universal. It is consumed in nearly every country, culture and language. Organic black tea can be served in the morning in place of a cup of coffee, in the afternoon, at lunch, and as a compliment for supper. Additionally, organic black tea can be consumed cold, iced or hot. Traditionally, organic black tea can be served as a cooling agent in the hot summer months and as a warming beverage in the harshly cold winters.

Organic black tea has the same health beneficial properties as non-organic varieties. These include the improvements of cardiovascular health, increases metabolism, increases mental awareness, boosts immune system, helps to fight infection, possible prevention of diabetes and more. Additionally, since it is organic, there is no need to worry about the harmful chemicals that are used to make your favorite cup of organic black tea.

The tea plant has been around since ancient cultures, and black tea has been around for centuries. Now, organic black tea is making its staple in the tea drinking world and isn't likely to decrease it's influence. The more that people learn from the news, health reports, doctors and the internet as well as gaining knowledge about the environment and protecting it, the more that people will gravitate towards organic products. Organic black tea is on the top of this transitional list.

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