Black Teas

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There are four main categories of tea which are drunk the world over. These categories are White tea, Green tea, Oolong tea and Black tea. Of these four you will find that many varieties of Black teas are favorites with numerous people. The distinctive taste prevalent in the different Black teas comes from the way that they are processed. During the processing of the tea leaves the leaves are heavily oxidized and fermented. It has a higher caffeine content and is stronger in flavor than the other teas varieties.

The common name of "black" tea for the different variety of Black teas comes from the tea leaves themselves. After the leaves have been plucked and processed they turn a black color. When poured however, most Black teas will have a dark amber hue to them.

When you buy certain types of tea there is normally a time limit that you can keep the tea before it loses its freshness and taste. Black teas on the other hand can be kept for several years before they spoil. It is for this reason that Black teas are favored in the shipping of tea.

The various types of Black teas that you can choose from come from a variety of different countries and regions. All of these Black teas have been given names based on the locations where they were grown. There are a number of different types of Black teas but the main ones that you can choose from are,

  • Nilgiri tea
  • Assam tea
  • Lapsang Souchong
  • Earl Grey
  • Darjeeling tea

In addition to these Black teas you will find other interesting blended Black teas. For instance like the Black tea which has been blended with Italian liqueur. Of the different Black teas you will find that Bigelow teas are considered as being the most fragrant of the Black teas. For a taste of Almonds and Cinnamon you can choose to drink Almond Biscotti flavored and scented Black tea.

When you choose to drink Black tea you will be also receive some health benefits. The various types of Black teas can gently stimulate the heart and the circulatory system. The cholesterol levels in your body can be lowered, the blood in your body is regulated, and Black teas also help to keep the blood vessels soft. Additionally you will find that drinking Black tea can prevent strokes as well as heart diseases.

With all of the benefits you can get just from drinking a cup of Black tea it is no wonder that this tea variety is favored by many. The different types of Black teas which you can choose from will provide you with a wide selection to tempt your palette each time you look to this soothing beverage for some relaxation.

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