Ice Tea

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There is nothing like drinking a tall, cool glass of ice tea to quench your thirst on a hot sunny day. The many different varieties of ice tea that you can choose from, make drinking this beverage an enjoyable treat. To truly enjoy your glass of ice tea however there are some points that you will need to follow.

The first point is that while most of the ice tea needs to be made from freshly boiled water – always important as using pre-boiled water makes the tea taste flat due to the loss of oxygen within the water – there are a few versions of ice tea which do not require boiled water to make the initial ice tea.

This version of ice tea is called Sun Tea, as the heat from the sun is used to heat the water so the tea leaves will be able to start their steeping process.

When you are making your ice tea there are some things that you can do to make this ice tea taste more delicious.

  • » When you are about to serve the ice tea you should add some ice cubes to provide more of a chill to the ice tea.
  • » Do not store the ice tea overnight as you will get a stronger taste of tea than the light refreshing taste that you would get from fresh ice tea.
  • » If your glass of ice tea looks cloudy then you can add some slices of lemons, limes and other citrus fruits to the tea. Not only will your tea get an additional fresh taste but the acid levels in the citrus fruits will balance the pH levels of any minerals in the water, and help it to look fresh.

To help you make delicious tasting ice tea, you will find recipes from a number of different sources, such as the internet to be a storehouse of numerous interesting ice tea recipes. So whether you are a fan of the traditional ice tea, or a lover of Sun Tea, or even if you want to try something different like Honey Apple tea, Strawberry Yoghurt Cooler, or even Cinnamon Apple Cooler, there is a wide range of ice tea recipes to please even the pickiest ice tea lover around.

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Silver Tips

  • Freeze edible flowers like borage, violets and scented geraniums in the ice cubes that you are going to use for the ice tea. Not only will these add a splash of color to the tea but you will also get to savor an interesting twist to your ice tea.
  • Add a sprig of lemon balm or mint to the glass to provide a refreshing punch. When providing a slice of lemon or lime, you should make sure that the slice is of a squeezable size.

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