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Of course everyone wants aid in losing weight, it's no easy feat. A healthy way to aid in weight loss is through the use of tea. Almost every herb tea claims to be a weight loss aid. Cerasse Tea is actually avoided by some who want to use it for the other health properties that it possesses but aren't looking to lose weight. These individuals usually resort to other teas, therefore the claim that it aids in weight loss is highly credible. There are many types of weight loss tea, so let's look at a few.

Wu-Long is a known weight loss tea. Wu-Long is an aromatic cross between green tea and black tea. It is clear, has a pungent aroma, is always fresh and definitely strong. Dandelion Coffee is actually an herb tea and is said to aid in weight loss. Dandelion is somewhat bitter but when using the root, it can taste a bit sweet. Fennel is an herb tea and commonly used to decrease the appetite. The smell of fennel acts as an appetite suppressant and has been used during lent in several cultures for this purpose. Fennel tastes somewhat like mint and smells a bit bitter. Dandelion coffee, cerasse tea and fennel tea are all herb teas and do not come from the tea plant. These herb teas do not use tea plant bases either.

Because most teas from the tea plant contain caffeine, they are naturally considered a weight loss aid. Weight loss teas have become very popular recently for several reasons. First, they aren't chemically altered making them safer than diet aids and pills. Secondly, a serving of tea, with nothing added of course, generally only has about 4 calories per serving making this one of the lowest caloric beverages available. Lastly, weight loss teas are known to boost the body's metabolism, so drinking such teas just before or during a meal can be rather beneficial. Weight loss tea is a healthy way of getting caffeine without the calories found in most caffeinated beverages such as soda and pops, and generally have teeth strengthening properties as well.

Flavored tea can be included in the category of weight loss tea as they are caffeinated and are based on green tea, black tea, oolong tea and several other tea bases. Many of our favorite tastes are based on these types of teas. Rooibos and jasmine teas are examples of a flavored tea based on oolong or green teas. Since the basic tea bases contain caffeine, most will be attributed to weight loss.

Since there is such a variety among weight loss tea, it may be advisable to look at the other health benefits each variety has to offer. Along with taste and smell, weight loss teas can be chosen due to the secondary properties. For example, cerasse tea helps to clear acne while dandelion tea has a plethora of health benefits that may in fact help treat or cure other ailments that you may have. Additionally, some herbal teas have properties that not only cure but prevent some health complications such as high blood pressure, diabetes or gastro-intestinal disorders that you may be pre-disposed to. It may be advisable to choose several of your favorite weight loss teas and alternate them to enjoy the other benefits as well as aid in your weight loss efforts. Weight loss teas are becoming more popular and are easily found in your neighborhood market.

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