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For a truly invigorating, healthy and delightfully aromatic experience, one must try Cinnamon Tea. Cinnamon is one of the oldest spices and is native to Sri Lanka. Other regions now grow cinnamon around the world, which in part is due to both the taste and health benefits found by our ancient ancestors. While the health benefits are widely known in the southern part of Asia, many people around the world are beginning to hear about the miracles of this tasty spice. What better way to enjoy such a wonderful spice known for its health benefits than in a comforting cup of cinnamon tea.

Cinnamon tea is naturally sweet yet appealingly spicy and very fragrant. The aromatic and tasty properties of cinnamon tea are attributed to the plants essential oils found in its bark. While traditional cinnamon tea combines black tea and fine cinnamon, it can be found in herbal tea varieties and different teas such as white, green and oolong. While one can gain much pleasure from sipping on a cup of cinnamon tea at anytime, it is frequently the main attraction when served with fruit. Additionally, cinnamon tea is served after dinner and with breakfast. Cinnamon tea is quite often considered a desert tea as well.

While there are many health benefits to drinking cinnamon tea the most notable are that it improves circulation, eases cold and flu symptoms, relieves upset stomachs and is an aid to menstrual symptoms. Recently, cinnamon tea has been found to aid in weight loss quite effectively and without the harmful side effects of other herbal and chemical supplements. Cinnamon tea blocks some calorie absorption making it effective on those who consume high calories diets. Since no sugar or cream is needed to enhance flavor and cinnamon tea is naturally low in calories, this may be the beverage for the serious dieter. Lastly, cinnamon tea is known to aid in the prevention and treatment of diabetes.

Boiling water and adding cinnamon and honey can make cinnamon tea, or it can be bought from a specialty shop. When you buy cinnamon tea from a specialty shop, you can find it in several types such as green, white, oolong and black as well as the original herbal variety. Specialty shops may be better than home grown simply due to the fact that the cinnamon will be of better quality. Additionally, you can get larger pieces than just the fannings found in the jars or tea bags.

Adding cinnamon to the already well-known Green Tea may enhance the health benefits of both. Since cinnamon and green tea have been shown to effectively control weight and obesity issues, it may be highly beneficial to those suffering from obesity to combine these products. It is recommended however to consult a physician prior to beginning such diets if you are pregnant, breast feeding or have other serious health problems. As for a diet regiment, cinnamon tea when used for weight loss should be added to your daily diet at least three times per day.

Cinnamon tea can warm a room with its aromatic and spicy smells, while warming your soul during a time of turmoil or in cold weather. Since we eat with our smell and sight first, cinnamon tea is one of the most delightful teas on the market. So do some research, grab a good book and begin enjoying all that cinnamon tea has to offer.

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