Green Tea Ice Cream

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Although it might not sound like something that you would readily consume, Green Tea Ice Cream is actually quite delicious, and if you're interested it's also fairly easy to make.

You might wonder however, just why you would want to eat something that doesn't sound appealing at all. After all, who really wants to eat Green tea ice cream, right! Ice cream is supposed to be forbidden fruit, not something that's good for you!

With the advent of Green tea ice cream however, new dimensions have opened up for those of us wanting to lose weight and indulge in a little forbidden fruit at the same time.

Green tea ice cream first came into being in Japan, where Green tea is the beverage of choice for many Japanese people. In fact, Green tea is so widely consumed there that it is known simply as "tea" to most people, just like black tea is "tea" to us.

The variety of Green tea used to make Green tea ice cream varies from place to place, but in Japan, the Matcha tea leaf is the Green tea of choice for use when making Green tea ice cream. It should also be noted that the Matcha tea leaf is the tea that is mainly used in Japanese tea ceremonies.

While Green tea ice cream has now become readily more available to buy in the Western world, it cannot be denied that there is still some way to go before it becomes a firm favorite of the masses. This is why if you truly appreciate having Green tea ice cream, you can prepare it yourself from scratch with a minimum of fuss. The main ingredient that you will need to prepare your Green tea ice cream however, will be the Matcha tea powder. This is the tea which gives Green tea ice cream its truly unique flavor.

However, if you don't feel that you're up to the task of making your own batch of Green tea ice cream, you can find it just as easily among the other tubs of Haagen-Daaz at your grocery store.

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