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Fruit Tea comes in a variety of flavors. When made at home the possibilities are endless. While there are thousands of recipes at your disposal, some things such as ingredients and preparing methods for Fruit Tea stay the same. The quality of the fruit tea will undoubtedly rest on the quality and type of base tea. While some would argue that a homegrown recipe makes the best fruit tea, others thoroughly enjoy the prepackaged fruit tea bags.

Choosing a good tea base will depend on both your personal taste and what health benefits you are looking for. With all of the recent studies reflecting positive information about green tea, including weight loss, insulin control and anti-cancer properties, this may be the best choice for your Fruit Tea base. Additionally, green tea has a light taste and color, perhaps leaving the fruit tea more aromatic and it may look more appealing. You can however use black tea, oolong tea, white tea or even types of herb tea. Another consideration, as always, is to purchase loose-leaf tea to make your fruit tea with. Loose-leaf always offers a better taste and more health benefits than it's bagged counterpart. There are fruit teas available in the loose-leaf variety.

To make fruit tea, choose your favorite fruit or fruits. Fresh fruit is always best when making Fruit Tea. Juice them and then add frozen concentrate to taste. The steps generally follow the same course for all fruit teas. First, if you are using black tea, you brew the tea, steeping the tea bags for around twenty to thirty minutes. If you are using green, oolong or white teas, you will want to steep a little less. Next you add the sugar to taste. You can also use pure clove honey if you want to sweeten the Fruit Tea with a natural sugar. Then you add the freshly squeezed juice of your choice. Last you add the concentrate if desired. It is important that if you are using more than one fruit, mix the juice prior to adding to the tea. Add ice, stir and you have a delicious fruit tea.

If you don't want to squeeze fresh fruit, another option may be extract. There are several extracts that you can add to your favorite tea base to make an awesome fruit tea. Lemon, lime and raspberry all come in extracts. Additionally, adding a bit of grenadine to your base will make for a delicious fruit tea. If you use grenadine, you will not want to add sugar. Many times when you order fruit tea at restaurants, it is extremely sweet. A cure to this is to order some unsweetened tea and add it to the fruit tea.

Fruit tea can also be used to make your favorite dish, desert, smoothie or ice cream. These recipe's are readily available online as well and you can either mix your own or use pre-packaged fruit tea available at your local tea specialty shop. If you use fruit tea in place of water for foods that would compliment a fruity taste, you will be in for a delicious surprise.

Of course, if you want true convenience and you are all right with someone else's idea of a good Fruit Tea recipe, many specialty shops carry pre-made fruit tea bags, where the fruit is already mixed with the tea in the bag. There are many different flavors, tastes and mixes available. Additionally, teashops offer loose-leaf tea and fruit additives that will make your fruit tea experience both easy and customized. It is recommended however that you look at the base and the fruit that are used to determine which fruit tea will suit your needs. Why not take advantage of the health benefits when you can do so in a taste that you will absolutely love. Go ahead and try some Fruit Tea.

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