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Green tea, and now liquid Green tea extract, is gaining popularity amongst people who wish to provide their bodies with healthy alternatives to the more widespread carbonated beverages.

It is not a secret that Green tea is known for its many health benefits. These benefits include weight loss, reduced levels of cholesterol and the prevention of cancer among other things. You will also find that liquid Green tea extract has these same benefits but they are found in more abundance in liquid Green tea extract than with normal Green tea.

For the most part when you look at the health benefits you get from drinking liquid Green tea extract, you will see that due to the concentrated amounts of polyphenols and catechins in liquid Green tea extract the benefits will be the same as if you were drinking about 12 cups of Green tea!

This is because there is about 40 to 50% of polyphenols and over 80% catechins present in liquid Green tea extract. Studies have shown that this can cut the rate of strokes by about 80%. Also, by taking liquid Green tea extract you will receive protection from cancer as studies have shown that Green tea can help to prevent cancer.

It also helps to prevent bad breath, and helps to normalize the healthy bacteria which lives in the intestines. An better still it is also a proven weight loss remedy. You will find that drinking liquid Green tea extract is proven to help prevent heart disease, and it is one of the strongest antioxidants that you can buy.

When you look at the different versions of liquid Green tea extract you will find that some of them have also been made with Goji and Acai extracts. All of these ingredients have been mixed together in a super concentrated liquid which is also decaffeinated to form the liquid Green tea extract.

If you are concerned about how difficult it is to actually make tea from liquid Green tea extract, rest assured that you will be able to make it in a similar manner to that of normal Green tea.

For instance, you will need to boil your water until it comes to a rolling boil, take it off the heat immediately, and then pour the hot water in to your cup or mug. To this you will just need to add about 30 drops of liquid Green tea extract. (Even this small amount of liquid Green tea extract will provide you with the same benefits as if you were drinking 12 cups of Green tea for a day. )

In fact this amount of Green tea consumption is recommended for your health. It provides your body and immune system with the beneficial properties that Green tea has become renowned for. The rich taste of Green tea you will get from just 30 drops of liquid Green tea extract will allow you to enjoy your liquid Green tea extract with as much enjoyment as if you were drinking normal Green tea.

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