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The Chinese have used green tea for over four millennia to treat medical conditions. Green tea is known to relieve headaches, treat depression, and is helpful in the treatment of heart disease, cancer, arthritis and high cholesterol. Besides that, green tea contains a property known as EGCG that is known to increase thermogenesis, which in turn increases metabolism. For these reasons, people have begun using what is known as a green tea diet.

We have known about the health benefits of green tea for sometime, but Green Tea Diets are just now becoming popular. It has been in recent years that we have learned about the positive affects towards weight loss. It only makes sense that if green tea treats depression, which leads to over eating, that a green tea diet would help to slender your waistline; but there is much more. Another piece of common sense is that green tea has only four calories per serving, and since it would replace other sugary and carbonated beverages this would assist you in losing weight, however that isn't the main reason that the green tea diet is becoming more popular than ever.

Green tea acts in mainly two different ways to help control weight. First, it reduces the amount of insulin that is produced. The reduction in insulin not only prevents excessive amounts of fat from being stored but also acts as a natural appetite suppressant. Secondly, the EGCG in green tea acts as a thermogenic therefore increasing metabolism. Caffeine increases metabolism as well, however when compared to those given the same amount of caffeine alone, the green tea drinkers metabolisms increased at a much greater level.

There are pros and cons to using green tea as a diet. The pros of the green tea diet include the ease of use, the ability to combine with other diet plans, the other medicinal properties of green tea and the health benefits of drinking green tea such as cholesterol reduction and an immune system boost. The cons are short but are for consideration. First, the results with a green tea diet alone will not be as dramatic as that of other diets however, since this is all natural, you can combine drinking green tea with other diets for maximum performance. Additionally, you may not like the taste of green tea, though most tea connoisseurs rave about it. If this is the case, green tea extract is available in capsule form. Lastly, if you do not currently have a lot of caffeine in your diet, you may be sensitive to the side effects. Generally, this is limited to difficulty getting to sleep at night, but a quick remedy for this is to only drink green tea up to a few hours before bedtime. Simply avoid drinking green tea just before bed.

There are some tips and suggestions when using the green tea diet. First, create a habit. Begin however you feel comfortable. Begin drinking a cup of green tea every morning. If you are having difficulties giving up your morning cup of coffee, try having a cup everyday with lunch. Get that process routine, and after about a week, increase. Continue this process until you are up to six cups of green tea per day. Perhaps brewing a pot of six cups in the morning, then drinking until the pot is empty may be helpful. You can choose to drink hot or iced, that is personal preference. The major necessity is to create a routine habit and stick to it. Another helpful hint may be to eat when you drink. It is recommended that you eat five to six times per day to provide continuous fuel for your body. If your body is constantly fueled, your metabolism will be higher. So perhaps you can use your six cups of green tea to trigger your eating habits. Try to choose healthy foods. This does not mean to eat chips and deserts. Chose vegetables, fruits and whole grain foods.

Incorporating a green tea diet is easy, fun, delicious and has many benefits. Green tea diets are safe and can be combined with other plans. Most notably, a green tea diet can be a lifestyle change and an affordable one. The green tea diet doesn't cost hundreds of dollars per year in pre made meals packages. It is simply a tea that is found in most specialty teashops. The green tea diet is definitely worth a try.

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