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Many people drink slimming Teas as a way to lose weight and improve their health. While tea does undoubtedly have health and some weight loss benefits these are not of the miraculous type that some claim them to be.

This is also true of the various slimming teas that you can find in different shops. In addition to this fact you need to understand that these slimming teas are not all "tea" in the actual sense.

Tea for the most part comes from the leaves of the tea bush - Camellia Sinsensis. Most of the slimming teas that you will find on the shelves of your supermarket and health store however, do not hold even a little bit of this. Instead you will find that the ingredients of these slimming teas can sometimes contain herbs, seeds and other plants whose names you have never even heard of. This is where you should take a few moments to think before buying these types of slimming teas.

The reason is that while the companies that sell these slimming teas will say that you can lose massive amounts of weight just by drinking their product, you may in fact be drinking ingredients which will cause you to lose vital body fluids through urination. In short by drinking these slimming teas you will be taking something which has laxatives and diuretics as the main ingredients.

For this reason when you look at the different slimming teas that you can buy it is best if you look for ones which are known to have some effects of weight loss. At present in the slimming teas range you will find that Green tea, Oolong tea and Pu-Erh have the best reputations as proven weight loss slimming teas. Within each of these tea varieties you will find that certain chemical elements which are known to be effective in weight loss are natural reactions from the tea itself.

Before you buy any of these slimming teas however, you should see whether there are any health warnings which you need to be aware of. For instance the Pu-Erh range of slimming teas while ideal for most of us is not a beverage that children, and breast feeding or pregnant women, should drink.

However even with these slimming teas you need to understand that losing weight is not going to happen overnight. In fact one of the best ways that you can stimulate your body to lose weight is to combine drinking slimming teas with exercise and a healthy and nutritious diet. The benefits of drinking slimming teas can be seen over time as you achieve a healthy slim looking body and have a diet which is based on giving your body healthy foods along with naturally healthy drinks like real slimming teas.

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Silver Tips

  • Gyokuro, or Jade Dew tea takes its name from the delicate green color of the tea infusion. It is also only drunk in small amounts at any given time (due most likely to its higher caffeine concentration).
  • The best Japanese TeaYou will also be interested to note that some of the best Japanese tea is said to come from Kyoto in the Uji region and the Yame region of the Fukuoka prefecture.

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